Portland Home Birth Midwives

  • Balanced Birth Midwifery

    Ellie Legare LDM, CPM and Heather Hack LDM, CPM
    6245 E. Burnside Ave.
    Portland, OR  97215
    fax:  503-234-2221
    We are experienced midwives who provide individualized care for the childbearing year.  Services include comprehensive prenatal care, water birth, home birth, postpartum care for both mama and baby, breastfeeding support, childbirth education classes, herbal remedies, belly casting, and placental encapsulation.  Call us for a free consultation.

  • Blossom Midwifery

    Joy Jech CPM, LDM
    Portland Oregon 97222
    phone – 503-522-4545
    fax – 503-405-8286
    Give Birth With JOY!
    Homebirth Waterbirth
    Childbirth has the potential to be the most blissful and ecstatic experience in a woman’s life. It is our passion to provide the safe and mindful care that holds space for this kind of joyful birth experience.

  • By Her Side Midwifery

    Lucina Armstrong LDM, CPM
    Spanish Bilingual
    Supporting women and families in creating healthy, holistic pregnancy and birth experiences by providing high-quality, personalized care based on informed choice. I maintain a balance between the ancient, woman-centered art of midwifery and the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices. Offering in-home, comprehensive prenatal, labor, birth, and post-partum care, including waterbirth option.

  • Columbia Gorge Midwifery

    Lynette Tilley CPM,LDM
    Hood River, Oregon
    Phone: 451-490-3140
    Email: mamascompanion@earthlink.net
    Website: www.cgmidwifery.com
    Providing homebirth,waterbirth, comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care for women and families of the Mid-Columbia Gorge Region. Free consultation available.

  • Creative Space Midwifery

    Marilyn Milestone, LDEM, CPM
    Beth Sagli, CPM
    5400 NE 30th Ave., Ste 105
    Portland, OR  97217
    We offer complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care for the childbearing year in our welcoming NE Portland office.  We blend experience, intuition and hands-on skills to facilitate gentle, mother-directed births.  We believe birth at home is safe for mothers and babies.

  • Full Bloom Midwifery

    Kelli McIntosh, CPM, DEM
    Portland, OR
    Phone: 503-652-0645
    Email: kelli@fullbloommidwifery.com
    Personalized and nurturing care in the prenatal and postpartum period. Complete prenatal and postpartum care, waterbirth and homebirth.

  • Full Moon Midwifery

    Celeste Kersey, CPM
    Canby, Oregon
    Phone:: 503- 651-2627
    Email:  organicbabies@Juno.com
    Website: www.fullmoon-midwifery.com
    I am committed to the sacredness of birth. My intention is to provide wholistic care for pregnant and birthing women by attending to the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of this process. I offer complete prenatal and postpartum care which is individualized for each woman and her family’s needs.

  • A Gentle Beginning

    Catherine Schaefer ND CNM
    Nora Tallman ND CNM

    Phone: 503.263.2058 Fax: 503.263.3655
    Email: agentlebeginning@web-ster.com
    Web site:www.agentlebeginning.com
    We embrace birth as a normal process in a woman’s life, working with each family individually to build trust in a woman’s ability to give birth naturally; offering support through our specialized birth classes and 25 years of experience attending homebirths and waterbirths as Certified Nurse Midwives and Naturopathic Physicians.

  • Glow Midwifery ~ Great Love Opens the Way

    Angela Truby CPM, LDM and Assistant Midwife Brandee Grider, CPM
    Portland, OR
    phone: 971-275-6106  fax: 971-200-2669
    Glow Midwifery offers skilled, compassionate, and relationship-based home birth midwifery care. We are passionate about supporting and guiding women through the profoundly important season of pregnancy, birth and postpartum with wisdom, love, and respect, while providing excellent evidence-based clinical care. Come tour Glow Midwifery’s beautiful cottage clinic and meet our midwives!

  • Happy Belly Midwifery

    Tarrin Fletcher, CPM, LDM
    Phone: 503-781-4037 Fax: 503-639-6509
    Email: happybellymidwife@yahoo.com
    We serve the Portland metro and surrounding areas.
    Services include: Homebirth, Waterbirth, Individualized Prenatal Care, Newborn Exams, Breastfeeding Support, Prenatal and Postpartum home visits, Well Woman Care, and Birth tubs. We are there to guide you through pregnancy and birth and empower you to make the decisions regarding your care.

  • Heart of a Woman Midwifery Services

    Kori L Muth
    1510 Ohlson Rd
    Gladstone, Or 97027
    Phone: 503-944-9962
    At heart of a woman we are more than homebirth. We take the time to answer your questions and listen to your concerns. You decide how you want your labor and birth to proceed. We allow nature to take its course and allow pregnancy and labor to develop without intervention. Everything we do is for the comfort, health and well-being of our moms and their babies.

  • Katherine Zieman, ND

    22400 SE Stark Street
    Gresham, OR 97030
    Phone: 503-665-3888
    I am a Naturopathic Family Physician as well as a midwife, which means I can catch babies and then care for hem and their families as they grow. I use herbal medicine, homeopathy, and nutrition to treat most ailments in pregnancy, birth, and family health including pediatrics and women’s health.

  • Let It Be Midwifery

    Sally Acosta, CPM, DEM
    Portland, OR
    (503) 757-3045
    A home birth midwifery practice, offering individualized, holistic care during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.  I assist women in reclaiming the wonder and joy that are inherent in birthing new life into their own hands.

  • Motherseed Midwifery

    Amy Tonkin Smith, CPM
    Ondra Watson, CPM LDM

    Phone: 503-312-9461 & 503-709-8911
    Email: info@motherseedmidwifery.com
    Website: www.motherseedmidwifery.com
    Our services include complete prenatal care, nutritional counseling, home-birth, postpartum care for mom and baby and breastfeeding support. We specialize in home-births, water-birth, VBAC’s (vaginal birth after cesarean). All of our services are provided in the privacy and comfort of your own home and we offer a free consultation visit.

  • Nest Midwifery, LLC

    Kimberly Kincade CPM, LDM
    Laurie Perron-Mednick CPM, ICCE
    2225 NE MLK Blvd
    Portland, OR 97212
    Phone: 503-515-8711
    Email: Homebirth@Nest-Midwifery.com
    Web site: Nest-Midwifery.com
    Believing that women’s bodies are fantastically built to grow healthy babies and give birth safely,  we trust the birthing process while diligently assessing the well-being of both mother and baby.  We laugh often, enjoying our work and each other. Nest Midwifery-At Home With the Nature of Birth.

  • Northwest Community Midwives

    Susan Moray, CPM, LDM
    Portland, Oregon
    Phone: 503-230-2831
    Email: susanmoray@comcast.net
    Website: nwmidwives.com
    NW Community Midwives view pregnancy and birth as a sacred passage – a fundamentally healthy process, not an institutional medical event. We help women and their partner claim trust in the body’s ability to safely and dependably give birth while promoting wellness and positive attitudes about birth and parenting.

  • Right At Home Midwifery Services

    Ellie Legare, LDM, CPM
    Phone: 503-314-9186
    Email: ellie@rightathomemidwifery.com
    Website: www.rightathomemidwifery.com
    I believe birth is a natural and special event. I offer complete midwifery care including prenatal care, homebirth, waterbirth, postpartum care and baby care. I also provide well woman gyn care and organic herbal products.

  • Sprouting Hope Midwifery

    Margy Porter, CPM, LDM, ICCE
    470 SE Morgan Lane
    McMinnville, OR   97128
    503-560-2374 cell
    I provide comprehensive midwifery care, including in-home appointments, specializing in waterbirth and breastfeeding support. The cornerstones of my practice are individualized, compassionate care and informed decision-making. Free consultations.

  • Marcia Strickland, Direct Entry Midwife

    Portland, OR
    Email: marvymar1@yahoo.com

  • Trillium Midwifery & Women’s Health

    Laura Bartko, CNM, NP  (503) 860-0082
    419 Center St, Oregon City, OR  97045
    386 S. Broadway, Estacada, OR  97023
    E-mail: laurabartko@yahoo.com 
    Website: www.trilliummidwifery.org

  • Two Rivers Midwifery

    Silke Akerson, CPM, LDM (503)705-5060
    E-mail: silkeakerson@yahoo.com
    Website: www.tworiversmidwifery.com
    Two Rivers Midwifery offers personalized and respectful home birth care, preconception care, and herbal consultation. We work as a team of two skilled midwives, supporting and guiding you through your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Our initial consultation is free. We’re happy to talk about your plans and options for prenatal care, birth and beyond. We are honored to share in the growth of your family. Se habla Espanol.

  • Vivante Midwifery & Women’s Health

    Linda Glenn, CNM, PMHNP, MPH, MN
    Wendy Gordon, CPM, LDM
    Sarah Hainley, CPM, LDM
    2928 SE Hawthorne, Suite 107
    Portland, Oregon 97214
    Phone: 503-652-8076
    Email: info@vivantemidwifery.com 
    Website: www.vivantemidwifery.com
    Vivante Midwifery offers homebirth services in the Portland metro area, including prenatal care, labor and birth/ waterbirth, postpartum care for mother/ baby, and gynecology services. We are a unique collaborative practice of Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM) and Certified Professional Midwives (CPM), and we are covered by most insurance providers.

  • The Village Midwife

    Sarah Taylor, LDEM
    3821 NE MLK Portland Or, 97212.
    Phone:  503-805-4680
    Email:  Villagemidwife@gmail.com
    Website:  Villagemidwife.com
    Women who find themselves pregnant and in need of prenatal care are invited to the clinic for health care,  childbirth education, and support. The village midwife is a non profit organization committed to universal health care for all pregnant women.  Based in Portland, Oregon through a clinic of volunteer licensed midwives, offering
    donation based pre-natal care and support for hospital births, home births, and on site birthing center.

  • WomanSong Midwifery

    Maryl Smith CPM, LDM
    7679 SW Bayberry Dr.
    Aloha, OR 97007

  • Birthdance Midwifery

    Jennifer Childress, LDM CPM
    Nehalem Oregon
    503 801-4078

  • Linda Glenn, CNM

    Oregon Health & Science Univ, SN-5S
    3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
    Portland, OR 97201

  • RoseHip Midwifery

    Heather Hack LDM, CPM
    6738 SE 62nd Ave.
    Portland, OR  97206

  • Zion Midwifery

    Desiree LeFave, CPM, LDM
    408 S Center St,
    Newberg, Oregon 97132