Portland Birth Center Midwives

Alma Midwifery 

Laura Erickson, CPM LM
Pamela Echeverio, CPM LM
Kate Howe, CPM LM
1608 SE Ankeny Street
Portland, OR 97214 
Phone: 503-233-3001
Fax: 503-233-7686 
Email: midwives@almamidwifery.com

The Alma midwives follow the Midwifery Model of Care, which is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. We offer homebirth, birth center, and waterbirth options in the greater Portland area. Our birth center is a warm, inviting space located in a lovely three-story house centrally located in Portland, and features three spacious birthing suites, each with its own built in birthing tub and bathroom.

Andaluz Waterbirth Center

North Portland Office as well as 
19255 SW 65th Ave 
Suite 220 Tualatin, OR 97062
Phone: 503-885-0228

Aurora Women's Health and Midwifery Services 

Susie Corcoran CNM 

Women's Health and Midwifery Services serves women in Home and Birth-Center birth, as well as ongoing women's health care. We are dedicated to providing high quality personlized care to each client and family and believe in optimizing the birth experience through enhancing health from a holistic perspective. We understand that health is not just a physical condition, but one that onvolves the heart and community as well. As Certified Nurse-Midwives we are able to care for women across the lifespan by integrating modern medicine with traditional and naturopathic approaches.


Alameda Clinic and Birth Center

3351 NE Broadway St
Portland, OR 97232 
Phone: 503-282-9222

Natural Childbirth & Family Center

10360 NE Wasco St 
Portland, OR 97220 
Phone: 503-252-8125