Greater Portland Area - Home Birth Midwives

Aurora Women's Health and Midwifery Services 

Susie Corcoran CNM 
Women's Health and Midwifery Services serves women in Home and Birth-Center birth, as well as ongoing women's health care. We are dedicated to providing high quality personlized care to each client and family and believe in optimizing the birth experience through enhancing health from a holistic perspective. We understand that health is not just a physical condition, but one that onvolves the heart and community as well. As Certified Nurse-Midwives we are able to care for women across the lifespan by integrating modern medicine with traditional and natural approaches.

Columbia Gorge Midwifery

Lynette Tilley CPM,LDM
Hood River, Oregon
Phone: 451-490-3140
Providing homebirth,waterbirth, comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care for women and families of the Mid-Columbia Gorge Region. Free consultation available.

Heart of a Woman Midwifery Services

Kori L Muth
1510 Ohlson Rd
Gladstone, Or 97027
Phone: 503-944-9962
At heart of a woman we are more than homebirth. We take the time to answer your questions and listen to your concerns. You decide how you want your labor and birth to proceed. We allow nature to take its course and allow pregnancy and labor to develop without intervention. Everything we do is for the comfort, health and well-being of our moms and their babies.

Full Moon Midwifery

Celeste Kersey, CPM
Canby, Oregon
Phone:: 503- 651-2627
I am committed to the sacredness of birth. My intention is to provide wholistic care for pregnant and birthing women by attending to the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of this process. I offer complete prenatal and postpartum care which is individualized for each woman and her family's needs. 2/10

Katherine Zieman, ND 

22400 SE Stark Street
Gresham, OR 97030 
Phone: 503-665-3888 
I am a Naturopathic Family Physician as well as a midwife, which means I can catch babies and then care for hem and their families as they grow. I use herbal medicine, homeopathy, and nutrition to treat most ailments in pregnancy, birth, and family health including pediatrics and women's health.


WomanSong Midwifery

Maryl Smith CPM, LDM
7679 SW Bayberry Dr.
Aloha, OR 97007

Zion Midwifery

Desiree LeFave, CPM, LDM 
408 S Center St, 
Newberg, Oregon 97132