Midwifery Schools

Information about the Oregon School of Midwifery

More comprehensive midwifery schools listing

Birthingway College of Midwifery 
12113 S.E. Foster Rd. 
Portland, OR 97266 
(503) 760-3131 
Director:  Holly Scholles
Direct Entry, Degree Granting

Oregon Health & Science University 
School of Nursing
Nurse-Midwifery Program
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97201
(503) 494-3114, 3822
Director: Carol Howe 
CNM program, Masters, need to be an RN first

Distance Midwifery Programs

Aviva Institute
Administrative Office 
394 Lake Ave Suite 309 
Duluth, MN 55802
(800) 584-6235
100% online program offering certificate, and undergraduate degrees.

Midwives College of Utah  
(Formerly Utah College of Midwifery)
560 S. State St., Ste. B2
Orem, UT 84058
(888) 489-1238 or (801) 764-9068
Fax: (801) 434-8704
President: Jodie Fisher 
MEAC accredited direct entry program

National College of Midwifery
209 State Road 240
Taos, NM 87571
Director: Elizabeth Gilmore
Distance program for those in apprenticeship. Direct Entry. Degree Granting
MEAC accredited direct entry program